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Pretty Pedi Scrapbook Page + Altenew Sketch Challenge

Happy dance with me for a sec, because I am well on my way to finishing up journaling and scrapbooking my stack of photos that I printed off in January of 2017 – bless it! My sweet husband got me the Canon SELPHY personal printer (YAY YAY YAY) that I’ve talked about on this blog for a while now,  and I spent yesterday afternoon trying it out. Let’s just say…. it is ahhhhmazing!! I originally planned to wrap it and hold off from using it until Christmas, but that didn’t happen… I’m still gonna *attempt* finishing off this stack though before I get too printer happy. Wish me luck πŸ˜›

These photos are from said stack, and they’re from one of my favorite memories. We had a bad storm come through our hometown, so we went to take shelter at my cousin’s house for the afternoon. Before this day McKenzie never had her itty bitty baby toes painted before, so my cousin took the opportunity to turn the storm-in into a pedi day.

McKenzie sat perfectly still the entire time! She wasn’t even a year old at this time, so it took us by surprise that she could keep still forever this short of a period. In truth, I shouldn’t have been so surprised because she was the absolute chillest baby I’ve ever seen. Never cried unless there was actually something wrong, always quiet and calm. My youngest on the other hand… completely wild at this age!! Like night and day, those two! 

I stamped out the title using some faux typewriter stamps I had on hand. I think I bought them from Michaels a few years back, but not sure of the brand. To compliment the title font, I pulled out my vintage Olivetti 22 typewriter for the journaling strips. The ribbon is running out of ink, as you can see above, but I kinda like the unintentional ombre look… that said, I’m gonna need to order more ink soon cause with this new personal printer, I will be scrapbooking A LOT! *happy dance*

The gorgeous florals used on this layout are the Fantasy Floral Dies from Altenew. I think they are very lovely and delicate looking. I die cut them all using various shades of pink cardstock, and for the leaves I added in some cute green strips on random cuts. There is already so much pattern happening on this page I was worried the stripes would clash, but they actually look great mixed in with the darker green leaves IMO.

Gorgeous frame from Altenew

This beautiful frame you see is one I received from Altenew as a free gift with purchase; the pack came with two frames. They’re much bulkier than I had imagined they would be from the photos… I had to add a lot of extra adhesive to the back of it to be sure it will hold up in my scrapbook over time. A few Jasmine Jones puffy stickers scattered randomly on the page and it is complete! πŸ™‚

Apologies for any weird discoloration of some of these photos. The weather here on the island has been nasty rainy, and I haven’t been able to get good sunlight in the craft room for nearly a week now 😦 We only get a few hours of sunlight a day here in Alaska, so every sun day counts! Hopefully it clears up soon, or I’m gonna need to invest in some good lights sooner than I predicted. Anyone have any suggestions for some if so? Please share with me in the comments below.

Happy Crafting!  ~Amy

This layout is being submitted for the November 2018 Altenew Sketch Challenge. 

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